Exterior Photos


I’m planning to paint this house. We will be painting all the wood siding with the vertical grooves. Am currently looking for an attractive color scheme that will look nice with the 2 types of stone already on the house.


Walkaround Video:

You can ignore my talking. I was not talking about painting or colors, but this video shows you the exterior of most of the house.




Above you can see the 2 types of stone. Beige stone on the lower half of the garage (right side) and a reddish stone veneer to the left.

2 types of stone again. Will be painting the  wood paneling seen above the beige stone on the house to left. Will also probably be painting the trim seen around the window and door to the right.


Here is the wood paneling that we will paint.This paneling is bowed out. Planning to replace before painting.

Garage front. Was thinking of painting the trim around the door and up by the roof a different color than the walls.

Grooves are 4 in apart. 12 to a sheet of 4 x 8 siding.

Am guessing we should paint the horizontal board at the top the trim color. Not sure?

The mix of 2 types of stone again with the paneling nearby.

Siding sections that will be painted.


Paint samples we have tried so far shown above. Near the window the colors are upper left: stone lion, center left: hammered silver, bottom left: khaki shade, trim around window on lower left corner: gorgeous white.

On the right side of the window the dark brown trim color is: turkish coffee. The lightest color on the right is heron plume. The gray under the center of the window is spalding gray.

More paint samples. Light colors in the middle are Stone Lion on top, Khaki Shade on bottom. Darker trim samples on the edges are smokehouse on the top, tiki hut on the bottom, and homestead brown on the left.

Educational Attainment of each State vs 2016 US Presidential Election Result

Here are the 2016 US presidential election results for each state (plus D.C.), ranked by educational attainment of each state. For educational attainment, I used the percent of people 25 years or older with a bachelors degree or higher from census.gov*.

This table is sorted with the highest percent of educational attainment at the top and lowest at the bottom.

Educational Attainment Rank Geography Percent bachelor’s degree or higher; ages 25 and higher 2016 US Presidential Election Result
1 District of Columbia 56.8 Clinton
2 Massachusetts 42.7 Clinton
3 Colorado 39.9 Clinton
4 Maryland 39.3 Clinton
5 New Jersey 38.6 Clinton
6 Connecticut 38.6 Clinton
7 Virginia 38.1 Clinton
8 New Hampshire 36.6 Clinton
9 Vermont 36.4 Clinton
10 New York 35.7 Clinton
11 Washington 35.1 Clinton
12 Minnesota 34.8 Clinton
13 Rhode Island 34.1 Clinton
14 Illinois 34.0 Clinton
15 California 32.9 Clinton
16 Kansas 32.8 Trump
17 Oregon 32.7 Clinton
18 Utah 32.6 Trump
19 Hawaii 31.9 Clinton
20 Nebraska 31.4 Trump
21 Montana 31.0 Trump
22 Delaware 31.0 Clinton
23 Pennsylvania 30.8 Trump
24 Georgia 30.5 Trump
25 North Carolina 30.4 Trump
26 Maine 30.1 Clinton
27 North Dakota 29.6 Trump
28 Alaska 29.6 Trump
29 Wisconsin 29.5 Trump
30 South Dakota 28.9 Trump
31 Texas 28.9 Trump
32 Arizona 28.9 Trump
33 Florida 28.6 Trump
34 Missouri 28.5 Trump
35 Iowa 28.4 Trump
36 Michigan 28.3 Trump
37 Idaho 27.6 Trump
38 Ohio 27.5 Trump
39 South Carolina 27.2 Trump
40 New Mexico 27.2 Clinton
41 Wyoming 27.1 Trump
42 Tennessee 26.1 Trump
43 Indiana 25.6 Trump
44 Oklahoma 25.2 Trump
45 Alabama 24.7 Trump
46 Nevada 23.5 Clinton
47 Louisiana 23.4 Trump
48 Kentucky 23.4 Trump
49 Arkansas 22.4 Trump
50 Mississippi 21.8 Trump
51 West Virginia 20.8 Trump

* The educational attainment data came from census.gov 2016 S1501 1 year data set.